Communicating the changes in Pharo 3.0

Pharo 3.0 is out.

This is the most significant release of Pharo so far. The momentum is growing and Pharo is improving on many fronts. To exhibit this, we decided to augment the textual announcement with a visualization.

We wanted a visualization that is not only beautiful but that is also built with Pharo. The above picture is built with the most recent version of CodeCity built by Richard Wettel (if you want to try the visualization, you can download the image) that runs on top of Moose 5.0 and Pharo 3.0.

The goal of the visualization is to show the amount and spread of changes throughout the system. Specifically, every city district is a package, every building is a class, and the red bricks represent the modified methods in Pharo 3.0.

I was asked several times how I built it. Here is a short description that covers both the technical details and some design decisions:

Tue, 20 May 2014 11:01:50 +0000
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