LampSort Revisited, Visualised

Combining Object Logging & Agile Visualisation

Sven has a new article online:

"To understand or study an algorithm, a piece of code or an application you start by reading the code. Many developers add logging to code as a way to look at what is happening. In a live environment like Pharo you can also use the debugger to step through code.

Traditional logging is either too coarse and misses information, or too detailed and floods the reader with information. In both cases the output consists of dead strings that you cannot look into or that you cannot ask any more questions.

he debugger is very detailed, but only for what is on the stack at the position where you are halted. It can only move forward in time in small steps. Often you step too far or you seem to be clicking like crazy.

This article suggests another approach. By combining object logging, agile visualisation and advanced tools, you can get amazing insight into your code, easily."

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Mon, 19 Jan 2015 18:10:48 +0000
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