[Ann] The Garage database driver API

I'm pleased to announce the release 0.1 of Garage, a database driver API. Garage is meant to be a common interface to access several database servers, in a JDBC style.

The current version works in Pharo3 and Pharo4 and includes drivers for:

  • mysql (pure smalltalk)
  • postgres (pure smalltalk)
  • sqlite (using ffi)
  • opendbx (allowing connecting with several db vendors, using ffi)

We have a nice test suite (that maybe you can help to enlarge) that is tested every day in Jenkins [1].

Also, in garage's website [2] you'll find

  • installation instructions
  • basic usage
  • documentation of features such as statements, transactions, cursored fetches.
  • issue tracker, backlog and other information

Feedback (and contributions) are very welcome!

Thu, 7 May 2015 13:52:42 +0000
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