Report Pharo Sprint

Friday, June 12 there was a Pharo sprint / Moose dojo. It was a nice event with more than 15 motivated sprinters. With the help of candies, cakes and chocolate, huge work has been done:


  • 21 issues have been integrated for Pharo5!
  • 2 are ready for Pharo4
  • ... and work on issues that have not been closed


  • Telescope has been ported to work with Moose 5.1
  • visualizations of Moose have been (partially) migrated in Telescope
  • there is work in progress to update and improve MooseChef (more generic queries)

If you organize sprints, feel free to give feedback and to post pictures!

Thu, 2 Jul 2015 15:59:12 +0000
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