The immersive programming experience

Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language and a powerful environment, focused on simplicity and immediate feedback (think IDE and OS rolled into one).

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Simple & powerful language

No constructors, no types declaration, no interfaces, no primitive types. Yet a powerful and elegant language with a full syntax fitting in one postcard! Pharo is objects and messages all the way down.

Pharo syntax

Feel a live environment

Feel the joy of having immediate feedback at any moment of your development: Developing, testing, debugging. Even in production environments, you will never be stuck in compiling and deploying steps again!

Live Environment

Amazing debugging experience

The Pharo environment includes a debugger unlike anything you've seen before. It allows you to step through code, restart the execution of methods, create methods on the fly, and much more!


Pharo is yours

Pharo is made by an incredible community, with more than 80 contributors for the last revision of the platform and hundreds of people contributing constantly with frameworks and libraries.

Pharo is yoursr