Sysmocom: Free Software for Mobile Communication

Sysmocom is a leading provider of Free Software Mobile Communication solutions. In 2012 we have started a long term project to develop a complete ASN1, TCAP, MAP, CAP, GSN stack using the Pharo Object Environment. We have decided to use Pharo because of the increased productivity, the great tooling, the live inspection and if necessary modification of a running system to deploy a critical bugfix. Pharo has allowed us to focus on what is important.

The stack was used to uncover security and privacy issues inherent to the MAP protocol design in 2014/2015. We have used the stack to build a carrier-grade AuthenticationCenter (AuC) and helped a customer to move their production traffic off a proprietary system to ours. We look forward to move a HomeLocationRegister (HLR) into production this year. said Holger Freyther CEO.

Programmable Logic Controllers

IDE4PLC ( is a programming environment for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), a family of embedded computers widely used for automation tasks in industrial environments. It supports the graphical language Ladder, allowing a user experience similar to that given by mainstream commercial tools. IDE4PLC is based on an abstract model of controller, what enables it to support different controller architecures, and on a software model which strictly complies the IEC 61131-3 standard. It is a free, open and multiplatform (Windows, Linux, IOS) product, contrarily to most PLC programming environments and tools, which are tightly coupled with device vendors. This product is developed mainly by Eric Pernia. Carlos Lombardi collaborates with the software design.

IDE4PLC is the official PLC programming environment for CIAA project (, an initiative by ACSE ( and CADIEEL ( supported by several institutions of the state, university, and business sectors, aiming to design and assemble Open Industrial Computers in Argentina. As such, it was shown in several academic and business events across the country.

IDE4PLC is completely developed on Pharo, using Morphic extensively for the complex and highly-dynamic GUI for graphical programming. The combination of the agility of the programming experience in Pharo, the features given by Morphic for flexible and interactive UI, and the modeling power of object-oriented design, allowed to craft IDE4PLC in one person-year, an order of magnitude less time than that what can be expected using more traditional tools and methodologies. The ability of explore the software model of a running IDE4PLC instance, and to perceive immediately the effects of code change, were crucial for the success of this project. Carlos Lombardi.


FINWorks provides online system services in the Financial Services industry. FINWorks started out as a consulting company in 2005. It provided outsourced development services from 2006 (in Smalltalk mostly). In 2007 the company started the development of its own system, in Smalltalk. FINWorks gradually improved and expanded our system and through the years the business moved to where all revenue come from providing the system as a service.

FINWorks currently runs 7 live systems, which include hot standby, test and training environments for each customer. Each customer’s site is custom branded. Each customer uses different parts of the system functionality, with various degrees of overlap. We provide an all in service, including hosting and support; the customer needs internet access and a web browser. The system is mobile phone and touchpad friendly.

The system runs entirely on Pharo in the development environment and is deployed to GemStone for object persistency. We believe that this technology enables implementing systems with complex problem domains and a high degree of customisation. Pharo certainly is a core technology component in our company and we will continue to rely on this tool. said O. Behrens CEO


Phratch is a visual programming language based on Scratch ( on top of Pharo. More than just an overlay, the goal of Phratch is to bring closer the visual blocks and the language. Phratch is highly extensible, which makes it easy to implement new blocks and new features. The main goal of Phratch is to become a robotics development environment for non-experts. It already works on top of the Lego Mindstorms using the JetStorm library and on the Robosoft Kompai.

Phratch is based on Pharo because Pharo provides a lot of stable and innovative libraries. For example, the Fuel serializer is used for saving Phratch projects, the Metacello version manager is used to manage add-ons. Another thing that makes Pharo the best choice for Phratch is the community activity: as a developer, I am sure to have a great support when I have problems with a library. J. Laval.

Some cool videos:


Cable eXpertise is a system for monitoring a network headend for small ISPs. It provides a high level dashboard with key indicators colored according to a policy that looks on the condition of the parts making up each top level element from which the user can then drill down. Based on a configuration tree for the equipment configuration, it provides an inspector-style UI to explore various contextual aspects of a configuration element such as monitoring graphs, modem views, temperatures, … It also works on mobile with a responsive UI.

Pharo proved to be instrumental in delivering a working system, especially when it comes to understanding what’s going on under the hood during development. It also enabled to discuss and explore issues with non-technical people easily in the live, interactive environment over screen share sessions, as well as to quickly understand (and fix!) what was going on on production sites using the integrated VNC server said Philippe Back, lead developer.


Multicity partner platform is a system for geo-fence based marketing in the car rental market. It enables companies to place shops and offers onto a city map to be advertized when customers are nearby. On occurrences like the return of a rental car the system will figure out nearby advertisements and will contact the customer via mobile phone to send an offer. Received messages can act as vouchers for the offer.

Pharo has been very helpful in that project. The unique development experience made it possible to realize this project in a short time frame. The whole system of managing mobile devices, mobile messaging and geo advertisement is driven by the pharo runtime. Pharo is an integral part of development at 2denker ~ N. Hartl CTO of 2Denker.


Pharo @ Beta Nine

Since 2010, Pharo is an important part of the technology stack of Beta Nine for the development and daily operation of the T3 Platform.

From the REST back end for T3 Easy to the T3 Mobile responsive mobile first web app, over binary protocol proxies to the data mining for housekeeping, bookkeeping & invoicing, and prototyping for new product development, Pharo has proven itself again and again in commercial production use.

For more information,


Quuve is a portfolio management and research platform for securities investors. It is a virtualized, scaleable, web application developed with Pharo and deployed on GemStone/S. Quuve is a product of Debris Publishing, Inc..

The initial vision for Quuve in 1996 was an economics simulator for the purposes of investing. In 1998 the first steps were taken to model businesses using spreadsheets for the purposes of value-based investing. The Quuve Dream grew into one of an integrated environment for securities research and portfolio management; as the dream grew larger it slithered across Python from: 2001 to: 2007. Exhausted by the constant language revisions of Python, Quuve was migrated to Smalltalk in 2007. By 2012 we began to add a web user interface via Seaside and a host of other wonderful, free tools available in the Pharo environment. While the economics simulator has not yet been realized, we have realized a powerful portfolio management and research tool.

Pharo has and continues to provide us with a first class development environment, which coupled with the expressiveness of Smalltalk, has allowed us to produce a powerful product (Quuve) with minimal effort. Pharo combined with GemStone/S gives us everything we need to build a real application for Big Data using a language we like. Compared to the spreadsheet prototypes crafted back in 1998, Quuve is in a new league now. said Cameron Sanders CEO


iBizLog was an eCommerce of eCommerces. Everything you can find in a professional eCommerce.

  • Customization
  • Shopping Cart
  • Sales Tracking
  • Easily scalable

It was developed by one person in six months, one third of the time and people estimated on other platforms. - Esteban Lorenzano, CTO

Efficient Event Planning with YesPlan

Yesplan ( is versatile software for efficient event planning, built with Pharo, the Seaside web application framework and GemStone/S.

Yesplan came into being as a result of Arts Centre Vooruit’s search for good software to support its activities. Because it couldn’t find any solutions which were suited to the specific characteristics of the planning process for events, Vooruit decided to develop it itself. As a consequence Vooruit entered into a collaboration with Inceptive bvba, set up by three PhD software architects. This meant that Yesplan was building on functional and cultural expertise on the one hand and technical knowhow on the other. Today Yesplan is the largest SaaS firm in the events planning sector in Benelux and the software is frequently praised for its intuitive and flexible interface. In the coming years Yesplan will continue to concentrate on arts institutions, cultural centres, festivals, city events, events agencies and events locations worldwide.

“Pharo's live programming environment is essential to succeed in Yesplan's fast-paced development roadmap.“ - Johan Brichau, Director of Technology and co-founder.


Pharocloud is a Platform-as-a-Service provider which gives Pharo developers a tool for deployment of web applications in cloud. Our aim is to make a process of web application running regardless of its complexity as easy as making a couple of clicks. Pharocloud provides a developer with Pharo itself and the whole infrastructure needed for complex web-applications like databases, file storages and others.

More than a year of our experience with Pharocloud assured us that Pharo is a perfect platform for business-oriented web applications. We have a strong belief that it will definitely take its major place in the global market of web applications in the future. Therefore Pharocloud global idea is to develop a Pharo platform for web application market, which will allow Pharo developers to easily distribute their business web-applications in the world. said Mike Filonov PharoCloud CTO


Dr. Geo is an open, easy to study, modify and extend interactive geometry software working on most platforms and tablets and even XO. It is distributed with its source code that you can modify while using it. Dr. Geo XO bundle was downloaded more than 180'000 times! And DrGeo won several prizes. Ten years old kids use Dr. Geo to explore Euclidean geometric sketch, agile kids extend and program it with its embedded dynamic language and user interface.

What sets Dr.Geo apart from the other geometry software is the possibility of studying and even modifying/extending its source code while s/he is using it to create a figure.

All in all, its philosophy is also to empower the user with direct access to the Dr. Geo arcane and programming. For example, with script, one can build a geometric sketch to compute the slope at an arbitrary location of a given curve. Dr. Geo is Modify-me Ready! But don't be afraid, if you only want to design interactive sketch, Dr. Geo is intuitive and easy to use.

Programming in Pharo is addictive, fun and fast (H. Fernandes)

Handling Travel Expenses with Spesenfuchs

Spesenfuchs is a web application for Travel Expense Accounting according to the german law. It is written in Pharo and uses MongoDB.

"Pharo is a powerfull and stable development environment. Together with its web framework seaside and a lot of useful software parts like integration of JQuery, Rickshaw, MongoDB and the pdf generator Artefact, it is possible to write software which is reliable and maintainable. The very active and friendly pharo community makes it a pleasure to work with Pharo." (S. Knoefel) CEO

Pinesoft PostId and MBagger

Post-ID and MBagger are developed by Post-ID supports scanning addresses and information about postal items efficiently. MBagger is a standalone product to copy address labels quickly and efficiently, offering a 100% return on investment typically within 100 hours of use. Both are based on the Pinesoft toolkit.

We have worked with Pinesoft over several years and it helps that they are familiar with our business as well as our technology requirements. Paul Taylor, CEO, Swiss Post

The Pinesoft toolkit has a modular architecture, where each module, referred to as a processor, represents a different part of a process flow. Unique applications are created by selecting a collection of processors, configuring how each processor behaves, and deciding how the selected output or selection of outputs of a processor are mapped, (“wired”), to the selected input(s) of another or other connected processor(s).

Object Profile

Object Profile is a company founded in 2012 that develops code software engineerings tools for VisualWorks and Pharo programmers. Users of Object Profile range from academic research group to large coorporations.

Object Profile main products are Inti and Roassal. Inti is a graphical and interactive facade for the textual Smalltalk profiler. Roassal is an agile visualization engine to "paint" objects with such an easiness and expressiveness that other JavaScript and Java engines will simply make you shrug.

"Pharo is a booster of ideas, a rocket for prototyping, a platform to make things happening. Agility supported by its programming environment significalty reduces the usually high time-to-concretize of ideas." - Alexandre Bergel

Pharo in the Bank

CSOB Financial Markets and KBC Research mobile applications provide everyday news and broad analysis from financial markets, annual and quarterly forecasts, calendar of important events from markets, FX and interest rates. They are free of charge for Android and iOS (CSOB Financial Markets apps Android / iOS KBC Research apps Android / iOS). They serve more than 5000 users daily.

All mobile applications are powered by a backend written in Pharo 1.4 and Pharo 3.0 with the help of most popular and successful Smalltalk frameworks such as Seaside and Seaside-REST, JQueryMobile, Magritte (a metamodelling solution), Fuel (a fast serializer) and Zinc (a professional HTTP server).

Original Pharo 1.4 solution successfully passed security and penetration tests. It is in production since more than one year operation in CSOB Financial Markets. Pharo 1.4 solution was smoothly upgraded to Pharo 3.0 version together with the upgrade of all frameworks to the latest stable versions.

About CSOB, CSOB is a universal bank, which is one of the top three banks in the Czech Republic. CSOB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KBC Bank NV based in Brussels, Belgium.

Using Pharo has been a real success in terms of development costs: we developed the full solution in less than 3 months while estimates made by other teams were from one and half year to two full years. Pharo’s agility, mature frameworks and powerful tools are a killer app. And this is fun to develop in Pharo. said T. Kukol lead architect.


Airflowing is a web application that provides management to service companies. With simplicity in mind, it allows your operations team to coordinate jobs and tasks across different teammates and have all your clients' jobs organized in one place. It allows you to send estimates, outsource jobs and also keep all its financials clearly and easily organized.

The history here in the company is divided in two parts, in terms of organization: before airflowing, and after airflowing. Before, we had many flaws, today, our efficiency is... Different? A whole lot better ~ Zepa Gonçalves founder of Zepa Cine Video

Here is an interview with one of our customers, Zepa Gonçalves founder of Zepa Cine Video (includes english captions):

Airflowing runs on an architecture that allows to nicely scale load demand horizontally across many Pharo workers and servers with ACID transactional features. Is using Seaside as foundation plus flowing’s own conventions and code on top of it.

Pharo is the first thing that came to our minds to make a business based on open source Smalltalk. Pharo is strategic for flowing. Is just too productive to ignore. ~ Sebastian Sastre founder of flowing


VBridge was a webapp to select job agencies.


Synectique is a company founded in 2013. The company proposes innovative solutions to understand and maintain software, and manage software quality. Synectique, harnessing the power of meta-tools and more than 35 years of experience offers tools specifically adapted for clients' needs of software analysis and enable decision. Inventive Toolkit, Synectique solution, integrates several tools for software analysis: dashboard with key indicators, duplication detection, impact analysis, reverse engineering legacy applications, control over fine-grained software evolution, dedicated rules, and developer comprehension tools. Inventive Toolkit’s extendable engines (parser, tool builder, visualization, meta modeling, metric generators...) allow Synectique to deliver new analyses to cover any company-specific customizations. Inventive Toolkit is already deployed and used by prestigious clients: Generali-FR and Generali-BE (insurance), ATOS (consulting) and Thales (military).

"Pharo provides the enabling technology for Synectique solutions. Specifically, Moose with its software analysis engines for parser, meta-models for software artifacts, browsers, and visualizations make it possible to propose adapted and customized solutions. The technologies in Pharo provide an excellent leverage to prototype a software analysis solution for a new language from the ground up in a matter of a few weeks. Once software information identified and represented, award-winning technologies in Pharo provide vehicles to express user interfaces, which show pertinent information for decision-making. From the language point of view, pure object-orientation, testing frameworks, full-stack debugger, object inspector, reflection facilities, and other innovative features make it first choice development platform for developer productivity and quality software development." - Synectique CTO, Usman Bhatti


Reflex vacances was a french platform for holiday rentals.


This is an iOS/Android application with backend developed in Pharo.

Sirop is a publish & search web platform for scientific projects (Master, Bachelor, PhD, etc.). It has more than 6000 registered users (Scientists & students) and several thousand unregistered public users (Students)

  • It has extended and simple search interfaces. User can save his search queries and create RSS/XHTML/XML-Feeds.

– It supports I18n for GUI and data objects. All content from the user can be multy-language. – Free form user data objects. The user can define the structure of his published information. – Workflow & todo management for users – Email notifications & mass email handling – Landing pages management. Admins can install predefined search results for landing pages. – Sophisticated user permission framework. Each user carries „badges“, which can allow/deny an action – Internal Smalltalk based search optimisation (No SQL database, no external search indexer) – Lots of complex user interfaces (Seaside components) – User friendly multistep wizards (e.g. for publishing process). Temporary work is being stored as draft automatically. – Separated comprehensive backend UI for admins


GetItMade was a platform to support crowdfunding for innovators. It was developed in 2010 in a couple of months. It proposed batch production, selling before, no loss of IP, serve the long tail & niche markets.

It was built in Pharo and based on the Pier CMS with the Magritte meta model and Seaside 3.0, JQuery UI. Pier gave a competitive advantage for building it: It supports restful url handling, user permissioning and management, add-ons (blog, twitter, tag-cloud, search), consistent way for add-ons to access the model.


The world’s first online platform fully supporting risk-based test management.

NoRizzk is an innovative platform for risk-based test management.


"The experience with Pharo exceeded our own expectations. During the sales phase we were able to prototype a working version of the product while our competition was still sketching PowerPoint presentations. Once we went into production the servers ran uninterruptedly for months, without a single glitch nor downtime." - Esteban A. Maringolo (CTO)

TrentoSur is a company funded in 2013 that develops mobile software solutions for the trade and retail industry, backed by Pharo running in cloud servers. The company has large consumer goods manufacturers as its customers and currently has two Pharo enabled solutions.

One solution is for scheduling and routing management of manufacturer's retail stockers working in the biggest chain stores in the country (Argentina). This solution comprises a REST API for the mobile application, as well as web based administration and dashboard features built with Seaside. This solution was released by the end of 2013, and its been running flawlessly since then.

Recently, it released a second software solution for the reception of transfer orders performed during trade fairs. The application runs in tablets, and the server comprises the same features as the previous one.