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Q&A Community

If you have any question regarding Pharo, do not hesitate to post in the Pharo mailing-lists or on the Slack Pharo (see below to get an invitation). You may use StackOverflow but Pharoers do not use it much and prefer the mailing-list or slack. Be sure to tag your question with the pharo tag, so that your question is not lost amongst all the questions on StackOverflow.

Mailing lists


Teachers and Research Groups

There are several universities worldwide using Pharo. Here are the research groups that use Pharo.


There are several companies worldwide using Pharo.

Code repositories

Pharoers often save their project

Slack team

We have an active team at Slack for Pharo users and developers.

Because it is invite only, you can request your invite by clicking the following badge .

Discord team

We hangout also on Discord, where we discuss everything for Pharo users and developers.

You can get an instant invite following this link.

The IRC channel

Join the channel #pharo on If you don't have an IRC client, Freenode provides access using a web browser.

Commercial Support

We are in the process of setting up a commercial support infrastructure for Pharo. For more information, please contact the Pharo Board.

The membership of the Pharo Consortium includes limited commercial support. A list of independent consultants that can work on Pharo projects is available at