Contributing to Pharo

In a giving mood? There are many ways to get involved!

Participate to Pharo Sprints

Pharo Sprint is a regular (monthly) event when developers and users meet together to fix bugs. This usually takes place in a physical location but people are welcome to participate from any place using the #sprint channel in our Discord server, and the dedicated Pharo Sprint application. This is a great opportunity for novices to get involved and learn from experts!

How to Participate

  • If you are around Lille please come. These sprints are every last friday of the month.
  • Check the upcoming Pharo Sprint event on this page or on Pharo Association
  • Take a bug

-- read the bug -- try to reproduce it -- comment what you have found (did you succeed to reproduce it, it the bug entry well described) -- skip to another one if you do not know how to fix it -- propose a PR with a fix.

Organize Local Pharo Sprint

Would you like to meet locally together with others participants? Then organize the Pharo Sprint event in your place. You can organize it the same day as the announced events, or any other day. Let’s us know about your organized events by sending email to the pharo-users mailing list.

😊 Have a fun Pharo programming 😊

Upcoming events

Have a look at