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Pharo Launcher for OS X, GNU/Linux, and Windows.

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The fastest way to get a working Pharo environment: image (an object space with Pharo Core libraries) + virtual machine is to use Pharo Launcher. Pharo Launcher is a tool allowing you to easily download Pharo core images (Pharo stable version, Pharo development version, old Pharo versions, Pharo Mooc) and automatically get the appropriate virtual machine to run these images.


Installation instructions are available within the documentation:

Quick start

  1. Run Pharo Launcher.
  2. Click on New image
  3. Choose your Pharo version or another template with additional content from the template list.
  4. Once the image created, you can Launch it from the context menu in the right list. This will open the new image. You are ready to start working.


Documentation is available at

Pharo standalone

You can download the Pharo VM and image as separated packages.

Command Line

Zeroconf scripts automatically download everything you need to get started. It will recognize your platform and load the appropriate VM version. This is very useful when doing automated builds with a continuous integration server.

# 64bit version
curl -L | bash
# or if curl is not available:
wget -O- | bash
# 32bit version
curl -L | bash
# or if curl is not available:
wget -O- | bash

Have a look at the Zeroconf Website for more information.

Older Versions

Downloads of previous versions are available on the Pharo file server.