Community & help

Discord team

We hang out on Discord (Invitation at, where we discuss everything for Pharo users and developers.

You can get an instant invite following this link.

Q&A Community

If you have any questions regarding Pharo, do not hesitate to post in the Pharo mailing lists or on Discord Team (Invitation at You may use StackOverflow but we do not use it much and prefer the mailing list or discord. Be sure to tag your question with the pharo tag, so that your question is not lost amongst all the questions on StackOverflow.

Mailing lists

  • Pharo Newsletter [On Hold] How to get a monthly overview of the projects happening in Pharo.
  • Mailinglist at, among others:
    • The Pharo-users mailing list is for users of Pharo. It is a friendly place where any question about Pharo is welcome. Archive
    • The Pharo-dev mailing-list is the main tool of communication concerning the development of Pharo. Archive

Social Media

You can suggest news with this Form


There are two blogs that collect the massive amount of activities around Pharo.

In addition, there is a more technical blog about the pharo development:

Students/Newcomers: SummerSchool and Google Summer of Code

[] has resources for Students and new users.

Teachers and Research Groups

There are several universities worldwide using Pharo. Here are the research groups that use Pharo.


There are several companies worldwide using Pharo.

Code repositories

Pharoers often save their projects on github.

GitHub Pharo projects

Do not forget to tag your projects with the Pharo tag :).

Here are the old code repositories used prior to GitHub.

Commercial Support

You can commercial support infrastructure for Pharo. For more information, please contact the Pharo Board.

The membership of the Pharo Consortium includes limited commercial support. If you are looking for consultants please contact the Pharo consortium.