Contributing to Pharo

In a giving mood? There are many ways to get involved!

Reporting issues

Donate Money

The Pharo infrastructure (e.g. Servers) needs money to operate. In addition, with funds collected by the Pharo Association, we are supporting important development efforts that push Pharo forward. You can give using Paypal. For recurring contributions, you can join the Association or the Consortium.

Pharo and MIT vs. Pharo and GPL

You may wonder why Pharo is MIT and why we do not want at all any components under GPL or any of the viral licenses. Read In short, GPL licenses are not suitable for systems where code is objects and libraries coexist in shared memory (objects). It means that as soon as you load GPL code in your system all the system become GPL and you would be forced to release your work under GPL too. May be this explanation is not precise, but believe us Pharo is under MIT and we will never consider any contributions with another license.

For companies and legal entities, the consortium

Companies can join the consortium. The goal is to build an umbrella structure to foster sustainable business around Pharo. By becoming a consortium member you help promote Pharo, and support the day to day development of Pharo. Remember that having a strong open-source language is important.

Pharo consortium members also get professional support.

Research institutes, Universities and teaching structures can also join the consortium as Pharo Academic Partners.

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For individuals, the association

The Pharo association's goal is to let individuals support the promotion and development of Pharo. The association is a Loi de 1901 french non-profit organisation. The idea behind the association is that even a single person can make an impact when we group together.

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