Pointers to reference books, online doc and screencasts.

Pharo Wiki

Pharo Open Documentation Project

Wiki related to the Pharo programming language and environment Link

Awesome Pharo

A collection of awesome Pharo libraries, tools, frameworks and software. Link

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Pharo Books

Square Bracket Books

The dedicated Pharo Books website references the published and in-progress books about Pharo.

Pharo Mooc

The Pharo Mooc

The Pharo Mooc contains more than 60 lecture videos and 30 videos explaining the environment. It includes exercises, miniprojects, challenges and quiz. Worth 180 KEuros to produce it. Ready and free for teachers.

The Advanced Object Oriented Design and Development

The Advanced OOD Mooc is about mechanisms and essence of advanced object oriented design. Either as a beginner or as an expert you will not develop the same way after following this unique lecture (10 modules, with over 60 videos).

Pharo Launcher

Pharo Launcher

All the information you need to install, use and contribute to Pharo Launcher. Link

Pharo Catalog

Search through Catalog

A non-exhaustive list of available projects for use with Pharo.

Search GitHub for Pharo Projects

Online info

Use the Syntax Cheat Sheet

All the syntax and model explained on two pages!

Monthly Pharo TechTalk

There is a online TechTalk every last Tuesday of the month.

There is a youtube list you can watch, or have a look at the archive.

See a list of upcoming talks here.

Watch screencasts

Lean back and watch Pharo screencasts.

For Ruby people:

Some introductory casts:

See presentations

Slides of presentations related to Pharo.

Some good talks:

Read Blogs

Pharo Science

Pharo is used in both industry and research. We are starting to collect all publications about Pharo or using Pharo.