Download Pharo

Version 5.0 for OS X, GNU/Linux, and Windows. The zip files contain all necessary files. Just download and run the executable.

Mac OSX Windows GNU/Linux

Prefer the Command Line?

Just because Pharo developers are addicted to our live, dynamic IDE does not mean that we do not value automatic scripts and love the command line! Zeroconf scripts automatically download everything you need to get started. It will recognize your platform and load the appropriate VM version. - Adapted from the Deep Into Pharo book.

curl | bash

# or if curl is not available:

wget -O- | bash

Have a look at the Zeroconf Website for more information.

Custom Downloads

To run Pharo you need platform independent image, changes & sources files, and a platform specific VM.

When downloads are completed, uncompress all files and put them into the same directory (this directory should then contain a .image, .changes, and a .sources file). Then start the VM.

Minimal image

The minimal image is a reduced version of Pharo 5.0: You have the most basic environment and you can interact with it via command line. WARNING: For hackers only!

Older Versions

Downloads of previous versions are available on the Pharo file server.

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