[ANN] PharoCloud focuses on Ephemeric Cloud

Mike announced some news about http://pharocloud.com:

PharoCloud is not closing, but just dropping VM hosting support. We will continue to develop and maintain Ephemeric Cloud which allows you to publish Pharo web applications online much easier than any other VM hosting can offer. In some way PharoCloud just becomes more "cloudy" by dropping outdated technologies off :)

Our plan is to make the project more community oriented. We integrated PharoCloud with https://association.pharo.org SSO and provide FREE access to all Pharo Association members. You are welcome to log in to the cloud with your Pharo Association account at:


We are encouraging you to migrate your applications hosted as Pharocloud VMs to the Ephemeric Cloud. It is much more simple! We have some positive experience already. There are some examples I moved from VM hosting to Ephemeric Cloud:

Here you can find a quick start guide to Ephemeric cloud and some tips on how to publish your app: http://docs.swarm.pharocloud.com/article/getting_started

Also there is a REST API you can use to manage the cloud. And there is also a Pharo wrapper around the REST-API: http://docs.swarm.pharocloud.com/article/pharolibraryreferencelibraryreference)

We also have video guides: quickstart (sorry for old UI of the manager)

13 June 2017