Airflowing was a web application that provides management to service companies. With simplicity in mind, it allows your operations team to coordinate jobs and tasks across different teammates and have all your clients' jobs organized in one place. It allows you to send estimates, outsource jobs and also keep all its financials clearly and easily organized.

The history here in the company is divided in two parts, in terms of organization: before airflowing, and after airflowing. Before, we had many flaws, today, our efficiency is... Different? A whole lot better ~ Zepa Gonçalves founder of Zepa Cine Video

Here is an interview with one of our customers, Zepa Gonçalves founder of Zepa Cine Video (includes english captions):

Airflowing runs on an architecture that allows to nicely scale load demand horizontally across many Pharo workers and servers with ACID transactional features. Is using Seaside as foundation plus flowing’s own conventions and code on top of it.

Pharo is the first thing that came to our minds to make a business based on open source Smalltalk. Pharo is strategic for flowing. Is just too productive to ignore. ~ Sebastian Sastre founder of flowing

20 October 2014
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