ALLSTOCKER ( is the Asia's largest online marketplace for industrial machinery such as construction equipment and agricultural machinery. A Japanese startup called SORABITO Inc. is developing and operating it. The beta version of ALLSTOCKER was released in March, 2015, and it was officially launched in November, 2015. Construction equipment, in demand for building and road construction, are traded not only in Japan but across the world. By switching from the analog sales method to an Internet-based method, customers can make secure transactions anytime, anywhere. This also solves the challenging problem of selling and purchasing large sized, expensive products online.

ALLSTOCKER was developed using Pharo. Major frameworks such as Seaside, Teapot, Mustache, and Glorp are used. Also, we have developed AWS SDK, Elasticsearch API Client, etc. that are required for the service and stored them on SmalltalkHub amongst others. ALLSTOCKER was first developed using Pharo 3.0; currently, it is being transitioned to Pharo 5.0.

"With Pharo, we could quickly develop our ideas and projects. It continues to provide high value to our clients. It is also very impressive that we could develop our first prototype in two weeks. I think it is an excellent development environment for startups to use. In Japan, there are only a few developments that use Pharo, but we also want to spread this wonderful development environment," said Sho Yoshida, CTO of SORABITO Inc.

26 September 2016
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