UX and advanced user interfaces at Thales

Pharo is super cool to design user experience (UX). We were looking for a language that can be modified on the fly with our clients. This lets us design their needs and constraints live with them: Pharo does it and does is better than others: dynamic modificaiton, without having to recompile, to refresh (F5 key is dated). In addition the super simple Pharo syntax is easily understood by our clients. They do not get sunk in the horrible details. To the contrary, Pharo is fun and gets their curiosity.

Pharo is super cool to design tools for graphical design and man-machine human interaction. We get access to 2D, 3D Pharo capabilities so that we can fine tune our own internal UI tools without having to face low-level technical layers. We are able to access latest technologies (VR, augmented reality, immersive 3D, gestures,...) and even to mix desktop and web to take advantages of both worlds.

Pierre Laborde Senior UX / UI Designer and Eric Le Pors UX / UI Design Lead at Thales

6 July 2020
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