Mercap Abbaco is a bond calculator for expert investors.Abbacco is a “personal research tool for making intelligent decisions”.

Features include:

  • Calculation and comparison for the yield of sovereign and corporate bonds under different market conditions.
  • Analysis and comparison of yield by Fixed Income asset class with advanced charts, cash flow and the latest market rates.
  • Metrics in a single screen: IRR, Duration, Modified Duration, Convexity, accrued interest and PVBP.
  • Option to save favorite bonds and get the payment schedule for them.

Mercap Abbaco uses Pharo for:

  • Back end services such as historical quotes and time series of computed financial indicators
  • Auth0 integration
  • Support of mailing features
  • ETL from financial services API

Mercap Abbaco uses libraries like Zinc , Teapot, NeoJSON and Voyage.

"Pharo provides a strong foundation for deploying this kind of services on the cloud." said G. Cotelli lead architect.

22 September 2018