Casino - Revolutionizing Application Migration for Berger-Levrault

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, Berger-Levrault faced a critical juncture as their applications approached maturity. With the imperative to align with new technological standards and stay ahead of the curve, the necessity for a groundbreaking solution became apparent. This is the story of how Casino, an innovative tool, not only met the challenge but exceeded expectations, propelling Berger-Levrault into a new era of efficiency and innovation.

The Challenge: A Strategic Endeavor

Over the course of five years, Berger-Levrault's dedicated team embarked on a strategic journey to prepare for the migration of their applications. The objective was clear: a seamless transition to new standards while minimizing disruption. In response to this complex undertaking, Casino was born—a sophisticated tool meticulously crafted on top of the Moose software analysis platform and Pharo. It became the linchpin of their migration strategy.

Casino emerged as a powerful solution, leveraging the capabilities of the Moose software analysis platform for in-depth code understanding. The migration process was meticulously divided into four key stages:

  1. Source Code Analysis:
    • Casino employed robust parsing techniques on the Moose platform to analyze the source code, creating a detailed Application Model.
  2. Selective Element Extraction:
    • Focusing on crucial elements such as visual, behavioral, and business code, Casino, built on Pharo, extracted only the relevant aspects from the original app's source code.
  3. Code Correlation:
    • Casino, utilizing the Moose platform, constructed a comprehensive dictionary to correlate old and new code, ensuring a seamless transition for visual and business elements.
  4. Dynamic Code Generation:
    • With the mapping established, Casino, powered by Pharo, dynamically generated code for the migrated app, empowering developers to inject their expertise and finesse into the process.

Casino wasn't merely a migration tool; it evolved into a versatile solution adaptable to various desktop and client/server applications.

As the migration project expanded, the team faced the challenge of internationalization file migration. Leveraging Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) principles within the Pharo environment, they developed a sophisticated tool that seamlessly transformed .properties files used by Java into the .json format employed by Angular. This showcased Casino's adaptability and versatility in addressing diverse tech challenges.

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15 January 2024