FINWorks provides online system services in the Financial Services industry. FINWorks started out as a consulting company in 2005. It provided outsourced development services from 2006 (in Smalltalk mostly). In 2007 the company started the development of its own system, in Smalltalk. FINWorks gradually improved and expanded our system and through the years the business moved to where all revenue come from providing the system as a service.

FINWorks currently runs 7 live systems, which include hot standby, test and training environments for each customer. Each customer’s site is custom branded. Each customer uses different parts of the system functionality, with various degrees of overlap. We provide an all in service, including hosting and support; the customer needs internet access and a web browser. The system is mobile phone and touchpad friendly.

The system runs entirely on Pharo in the development environment and is deployed to GemStone for object persistency. We believe that this technology enables implementing systems with complex problem domains and a high degree of customisation. Pharo certainly is a core technology component in our company and we will continue to rely on this tool. said O. Behrens CEO

18 October 2015
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