PLC3000, All-in-One Solution for Teaching Factory Automation

PLC3000 is the 1st turnkey web solution for industrial automation training. It combines pedagogical content with interactive and engaging programmable simulated benches implemented using PharoJS. PLC3000 won the 3rd prize of the ESUG 2023 edition of the Innovation Technology Awards. Being 100% online, PLC3000 requires only a web browser. It can be used to teach remotely, in person or hybrid classes. It works even for large groups of students. Request your free demo!

Main features of PLC3000:

  • Diverse themed exercise catalog with gamified simulations of industrial system models.
  • Self-training tutorials for industrial automation, allowing unsupervised learning.
  • Vendor-agnostic PLC simulator supporting multiple programming languages from the IEC 61131 standard: Ladder Diagram (LD), Instruction List (IL), Structured Text (ST), Sequential Function Chart (SFC).
  • Pedago-focus all-in-one web platform: Always ready, up-to-date, accessible 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Interactive PLC inspector for live program analysis and debugging.
  • Online help explaining concepts in all supported programming languages.
11 September 2023
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