Quuve is a portfolio management and research platform for securities investors. It is a virtualized, scaleable, web application developed with Pharo and deployed on GemStone/S. Quuve is a product of Debris Publishing, Inc..

The initial vision for Quuve in 1996 was an economics simulator for the purposes of investing. In 1998 the first steps were taken to model businesses using spreadsheets for the purposes of value-based investing. The Quuve Dream grew into one of an integrated environment for securities research and portfolio management; as the dream grew larger it slithered across Python from: 2001 to: 2007. Exhausted by the constant language revisions of Python, Quuve was migrated to Smalltalk in 2007. By 2012 we began to add a web user interface via Seaside and a host of other wonderful, free tools available in the Pharo environment. While the economics simulator has not yet been realized, we have realized a powerful portfolio management and research tool.

Pharo has and continues to provide us with a first class development environment, which coupled with the expressiveness of Smalltalk, has allowed us to produce a powerful product (Quuve) with minimal effort. Pharo combined with GemStone/S gives us everything we need to build a real application for Big Data using a language we like. Compared to the spreadsheet prototypes crafted back in 1998, Quuve is in a new league now. said Cameron Sanders CEO

13 April 2015
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