RMapViewer is a tool for chemists to visualise and analyse chemical reaction maps composing of isomers and the reaction pathways between them explored by the GRRM (Global Reaction Route Mapping) software package. The user with RMapViewer can search for particular isomers that matches against several chemical structural descriptors, such as (1) SMILES, (2) InChI, and (3) CAST, as well as (4) topological chemical structures, locate the pathways between two or more isomers specified as a reaction reactant and a product, and animate the motion of a molecular change via chemical reaction along its reaction pathway. RMapViewer has been developed by the support of the "Maizo"-chemistry project (https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/jccj/14/3/142015-0048/html/-char/en2015-0048/html/-char/en)).

21 November 2018
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