Support Wizard by Thales

Support Wizard is an application developped by Pierre Laborde and Eric Le Pors, Global Design and Innovation Leaders at Thales. It is using the latest technological innovations from Pharo to create native and high-performance desktop human-machine interfaces (Bloc graphics engine, Toplo libraries and OS tools). The application is structured with the open-source component architecture framework Molecule. The simplicity and speed of production offered by Pharo and the power of its language allows Thales to focus our efforts on ergonomics and graphic design of the application to offer the best possible user experience.

An interesting fact about this application is the efficiency of its development. It happened in 3 phases:

  • The conception of the UX design over 4 months by a UX team (33% of the effort)
  • The development over 1 month by 3 developers (50% of the effort)
  • Adaptation, integration and the finishing touches over 1 month (17% of the effort)

Here is a feedback from the users of this application:

«An after sales Support & Services offer is often seen as abstract and hard to valorize. The “Support Wizard” is an interactive and pedagogical tool, which is used by our sales team to present our portfolio with regards to customer benefits. It can be configured regarding specific context and customer stakes, allowing a better alignment between marketing, sales team and customers and at the end a more efficient opportunities qualification process.»

Contact: pierre.laborde (a) Website:

19 April 2024