[ANN] Pharo Consortium New Academic Member

The Pharo Consortium is very happy to announce that ISCLab has joined the Consortium as an Academic Member.


  • ISCLab: Intelligent Software Construction Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, FCFM, University of Chile. The ISCLab develops methodologies to build software systems that are both resource efficient (CPU, memory, energy) and adequate with modern software development techniques. We push further the knowledge frontier of Software Engineering with innovative methodologies, rigorous empirical evaluations, and valuable software artifacts. https://isclab.dcc.uchile.cl
  • Pharo Consortium: http://consortium.pharo.org

The goal of the Pharo Consortium is to allow companies and institutions to support the ongoing development and future of Pharo.

Individuals can support Pharo via the Pharo Association

2 May 2019