Slides PharoDays 2019

The Slides for PharoDays 2019 are now online:

  1. Pharo 7.0 and 8.0 alpha SlideShare ,PDF
  2. Spec 2.0: The next step on desktop UI SlideShare, PDF
  3. The Glamorous Toolkit: Slides Missing
  4. Pharo IoT: Installation Improvements and Continuous Integration SlideShare, PDF
  5. Easy REST with OpenAPI SlideShare, PDF
  6. Yesplan: 10 Years of "develop in Pharo, deploy in Gemstone" SlideShare, PDF
  7. Apart Framework: Porting from VisualWorks SlideShare, PDF
  8. The future of testing in Pharo SlideShare, PDF
  9. UI Testing with Spec SlideShare, PDF
  10. Example driven development: Slides Missing
  11. Object-Centric Debugging: a preview SlideShare, PDF
  12. Comment soup with a pinch of types, served in a leaky bowl SlideShare, PDF
  13. Molecule: Component oriented programming for Pharo: Slides Missing

All PDF files are in the archive:

14 May 2019