[Save The Date] Pharo Days 2019

Dear members of the Pharo community,

We are happy to announce that we will be organising Pharo Days this year, in Lille, France. This will be a two day event: Thursday April 4 & Friday April 5. The main venue will be the Amphitheatre of INRIA Lille - Nord Europe.

Each day will consist of a number of short 20 to 30 minutes tech talks in the morning, with a more free format in the afternoon: general hacking space, pair programming, demos, side meetings, tutorials, coding sprints, Q&A's, shows us your projects - real life human interaction. Of course, there will be social events as well.

Please join us to make this another successful edition, after Annecy (FR) 2011, Lille 2012, Bern (CH) & Lille 2013, Lille 2015, Namur (BE) 2016 and Lille 2017.

Mark your calendars, we will provide more details when they become available: https://pharo.org/2019PharoDays

The Pharo Board, Association & Consortium

21 January 2019